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Thank you all, for the Support and Interest you have shown in our products, its overwhelming.

We have recieved so many orders, and we are very happy for that, it helps us getting new equipment, which means we can offer more and better products.
However since im only 1 Man, it also means that there havent been much time to design and develop, and sadly, it also means longer waiting times on some orders.

Im doing the best i can to keep up, but unfortunally it means that some big order there can be wait times between 1 months – 6 months. And that is because i have to manufactor and send the orders, in the order they come in. Of course if its small items that i have in stock, they will be sent faster.
Hope you all understand this, and its not too big a problem.

Best Regards


Since we have been short on Updates in the past, we are now trying to adress this. Follow us on Instagram, where we continuously post small updates with both Pictures and Text regarding every project we do. This way you can follow us in allmost realtime and see wat we are working on. www.instagram.com/lynx.dk/