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Cockpit Utility Bricks (CUB) are now for sale

Plug And Play Button Boxes Cockpit Utility Brick is now for sale. The 3 main features is these:
1: Its the same size as a Warthog Throttle
2: It have backlit Panels
2: Panels can be swapped out in seconds.
See them here: CUB’s

Different swappable panels can be found here: CUB Panels

The CUB Switches can be programmed to use with every game outthere.
That means that every switch can be programmed as ON-ON, or ON-OFF, and the same with ON-OFF-ON switches, they can act as ON-ON-ON
That option along with the possebility to save 4 switch setups in the units Arduino, give you a solid Button Box that can be used for many Games/Planes.
Check out how to program the CUB here: CUB 1 Programming Guide

More info will follow soon, check the gallery here: Gallery