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Update 2017

Update 2017.


The site have been pretty silent the first months in 2017 and until now, but that dosnt mean things have been at a stand still.

Quite a few things have happened, and we will in this Update mention a few of them.

One of the biggest things we have been working on, is the panels. We didnt like the Grayish Engraved letters and wanted to improve, so they would look like the real panels, and with the Backlight just right too. And that included the CUB Panels too.
That means that quite a few test have been made before we ended up with the perfect result, in both Engravings look and nice even backlight.

The way the panels are made make them a little bit more expensive than first anticipated due to more CNC time and more painting, however the result are stunning with the white Engravings in contrast to the black panel, and definately worth it.
The picture above shows the ELEC panel, and its being lit by 3 LED strips, with 6 LED in each. we will then offer a Casing box for each panel, which fits the individual panel and have room for installing LED Strips, and connectors for that.

This means that now we are working on designing the rest of the panels for the A-10C, and then follows the HUEY and F-16.


A-10C Console

One of the other things we have worked on was the Right Console for the A-10C, which will end up with Plans that can be freely downloadet.
But we will also be selling precut MDF Sheets for the Console.
The console are in the final stage of testing, which means that it will soon be released, and shortly after the Left Console will follow.

Cockpit Utility Brick (CUB)

The CUB further development have been at a stand still, since we wanted to get the Panels right before we would carry on. However, the Backlight Dimmer Attachment for the CUB’s are close to a prototype, and then we will show pictures here in the News Section.

The CUB 1 DIY Version are also being released soon, we are working on a detailed Guide on howto assemble it.

The CUB 2 which will have either rotary encoders are also close to be prototyped, allthi there are many more wires and alot of soldering in that version, so its a little more complicated than the CUB 1. And the DIY Version will require Soldering.


The CDU and the UFC for the A-10C is also one of the things that we have been working on, and we are slowly getting closer to a good result.
We cant show better pictures than we allready have done, but right now we are working on getting the Backlight diffused into the buttons so it looks nice and even.

The buttons engravings where also graysih before, and the final version of these 2 units, will have the buttons made like the new panels, so we end up with nice white engravings.


So we have many things in the works at the moment, but we are doing our best to get them finished for you guys.

Best Regards.