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A-10C Precut Consoles.

A-10C Right and Left Consoles PreCut

I have news about the A-10C Consoles.

Both Consoles accually done, and are ready to get shipped out to whoever would be interested.

HOWEVER… The price for shipping large heavy packages like this to USA, used to be very low, and a Package with both Consoles, Lasercut in 6mm MDF including the Glue needed for assembly, would normally have cost 300 DKK for a package at 20 Kg.

But after January 1. 2018, that price is going up by quite alot, and will be 828,25 DKK for exactly the same. i can only guess the reason for this is the current covernment in the US, since America is the only country which gets a higher price.

So, if you live in USA, and you are interested in our precut Consoles, you can order them from me from today, and until December 18. and then only pay the 300 DKK shipping price.

The Precut Package is 1200DKK until December 18.
And that includes shipping.

What do you get:
A-10C Right Console Lasercut in 6mm MDF ready for Assembly.
A-10C Left Console Lasercut in 6mm MDF ready for Assembly.
Glue for assembling both Consoles.

All the Console parts will have Labels on them, so its clear which way they need to sit, and i will be making a Video or Picture page to show how to assemble and glue it all.

The 3D printed DZUS Rails which can be mounted on these will be released not long after, and can then be ordered. However its totally possible to make your own wooden rails, and drill holes for the panels if one would like.
The same goes for the Warthog Throttle Mount.

THIS IS ONLY FOR YOU GUYS LIVING IN THE US, the rest of the world can ofcourse also purchase these, but that price remains the same.

After January 1. these packages will cost a total of 1728 DKK for everyone living in the US. We are trying to get a better deal on shipping, but it seems like its not possible. So this might be the only chance to get them at low price if your Interested.

You can write me an email on if your interested.

Or you can order directly here: SHOP

The Picture shows only the Right console and the Glue. It will assemble into this: Consoles