CUB. What do you get?

Plug & Play Button Box with highly customizable switch Functions.
Personalized Panel Designs.
Easy and Fast Swap/Replacing of panels.
Backlit Panels.

Idea & Concept.

The idea of the Cockpit Utility Brick was to give the players a highly customizable Button Box / Game Controller.
And although the design is inspired from jet fighters, the unit can be used for every game/Simulator on the market.

By offering Custom Engravings on the Front Panels, we have given the buyer the oppotunity to make their CUB as unique and personal as possible.
On top of that, when changing plane/game, the panels can be swapped out with another set of panels, with engravings suiting the new plane/game

The CUB also supports backlight in different colors, so when you sit in the dark, or poor lit areas, you are still able to see which switches do what.
The backlight are available in different colors, and in the future you will be able to Dimmer the light with a small extra unit.

Plug & Play.
The CUB is reqonized by Windows as a Game Controller/Joystick from the second you plug in the USB Cable.
This is because the heart of the CUB is a Arduino Leonardo, programmed as a joystick, with a viarity of customizable Switch/Button Functions.
No Drivers are needed, but we do recommend to download and install the Arduino Drivers anyway, because if more than one unit is connected to the PC, it helps to remember the IRQ assigned to the CUB.

Switch Functions.
Arduino Code.

Panel Possebilities.
Easy Panel Swap.
Custom Engravings.
Transparent Panels.
Panel Parts.

Backlight Support.
Backlight Colors.
Power Supply.

Extra Accessories.
Connection Brackets.
Angle Brackets.

CUB Parts.
CUB Alternative.

Future Development.
Backlight Dimmer Module.
RGB Backlight.
Encoder Support.
Different Sizes.

Costumer Ideas.