CUB 1 Manual.

The Pre Assembled Plug & Play CUB 1, works right out of the box.
When you plug in the USB cable, your Computer will reconize it as an “Arduino Leonardo” Joystick Controller.

Game Software also sees the CUB 1 as An “Arduino Leonardo”, and that is perfectly Normal.

So when you recieve the CUB 1, all the 2-Way switches are functioning as ON-OFF, and will send a signal to the computer when the switches are switches ON, and again send the same signal when they switch are switched OFF.
The same goes for the 3-Way Switches, they will send a signal when they are switched ON to one of the sides. And then send that same signal when it goes back to the Mid Postition OFF.
However when you then turn the switch ON in the other direction, it will send another signal, and again that same signal when its turned back OFF.

This is much like Keyboard Presses, and will be sufficient in most game available on the market.

However there are games that are more “advanced” in their setup, and as an example we can take DCS World, where fx. the A-10C have some panels where the 3-Way Switches are requiring a Unique Key press in Every Position, so that the switch no longer acts like a ON-OFF-ON, but as a ON-ON-ON.

That is not a problem with the CUB 1, as its made so you can change the way the Switches send the signal to the computer, very fast and easy.