CUB – Cockpit Utility Brick

Plug & Play Button Box with 20 Functions.
The Unit is 3D printed in 0.2mm Layers, with Black Acrylic Bottom plate, and opaque acrylic backplate with painted edges, which makes it possible to backlight panels placed on top.
It contains a Arduino Leonardo I/O card, a 3 meter braided USB Cord, and shows up on the Computer as a Arduino Leonardo.

It can be run without any installations, but if you intend to run multiple units on the computer, we recommend downloading and installing the Arduino Driver from their Website.
The programming of the Arduino has been made so 2 different switch functions can be used. It can act as both a Steady ON connection from the ON/OFF Toggle Switches, but also a short “keypress” when the switch is turned on, and then again a short “keypress” when turned off. Its easy to switch between the 2 functions, by simply holding down the 2 black Push Buttons for 5 seconds.

It can be bought with or without Backlight, and the power supply which is for the backlight alone, can run up to 6 CUB Units, which means that if you buy 2 CUB’s, you only need one Power Supply, and the use a splitter cord(comming soon) to supply the second CUB.

The Unit is made as simple as possible, which gives the buyer many possebilities to for example make the own backlight, by simply installing their own bought LED Strips.

The Unit comes without top panels, Panels needs to be purchased seperately. Its possible to make your own panels to print, and place underneath our Clear Panel Pack, and then the backlight will work through the paper.

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