Hobby Service

CNC Routing / Engraving.
Laser Cutting / Engraving.
3D Printing Service.

These are all pretty expensive solutions.
We would like to change that, by offering these services at lower rates for hobbyists.

If you have your own design file made, or need us to design it for you, we can help with your hobby project.

CNC Routing / Milling / Engraving:
Materials: Wood, Plastics, Acrylic and soft metals like Aluminum.
Machine Working Area: 1000mm x 600mm
File Type Used: .DXF

Laser Cutting / Engraving:
Materials: Wood/MDF(up to 6mm), Plastics & Acrylic.
Machine Working Area: 1250mm x 850mm
Laser Type: CO2 100W
File Type Used: .DXF

3D Printing:
Materials: PLA (Very strong Filament, made from Corn Starch)
Colors: Black, Gray, Clear, Red, Yellow, White, Green, Blue. If the color needed isnt here, ask us.
Machine Working Area: L:245mm x W:230mm x H:200mm
File Type Used: .STL

Painting of Panels etc. Before Engraving:
Contact us for prices.

Feel free to contact us with your project idea, and we can take it from there.
Please keep in mind that wait time can occour.